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Support is All Around You

The SOC serves anyone with, or at risk for, a serious emotional disorder from birth to 21 years old, and their families.

What is the St. Louis Region System of Care?

The St. Louis Region System of Care is a collaborative network of agencies, families, and youth focused on the total health of children and families with, or at risk for, serious emotional disorders. The SOC supports a family-driven, youth-guided approach to care. We want children, young adults and families in the St. Louis region to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Strong communities are built on strong foundations, beginning in childhood. Children living in communities that support mental health are more likely to thrive by doing well at school, find success in relationships and contribute to economic development by being part of the workforce.

What makes the System of Care different?

The System of Care is a philosophy put into practice that builds upon the strengths of youth and their families. Care is centered around the child and driven by the family. SOC members commit to a set of actions as outlined in this Memorandum of Understanding that produce better outcomes for youth and their families. 2016 St. Louis System of Care MOU.

Mission: The mission of the System of Care St. Louis Region is to seamlessly integrate social and emotional wellness services and practices into all aspects of the care system and to ensure understanding of and access to holistic care, services, resources and support for children, youth and their families.

Vision: All children, youth and families in the St. Louis Region are served under a community-based integrated standard of care that:

  1. Operates with seamless connectivity;
  2. Provides high quality care, services, resources and supports and;
  3. Promotes physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and social wellness.